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 Who You Need to Hire This Week . . . 

Heidi's Hot Candidates


Below are my hot candidate picks of the week: These include candidates that my firm has stumbled across & are worth someone looking at. Have a position? Need a candidate? Here's who you should be looking at:



Professional Civil Foreman, 10 yrs with Same Civil Contractor


  • Last 8yrs with a mid size civil construction co. in the Lower Mainland.

  • Manages a crew of 8-10 guys

  • Jobs are underground utilities for subdivisions, major earthwork excavations, ditching, trenching, backfilling, compacting & leveling to grade specs, culverts, spill ways, tension ponds, retaining walls.

  • Knows Trimble, Leica & Topcon surveying systems/equipment




Timeline Focused Civil SUPERINTENDENT, Utilities, Paving, Earthworks


1.  Entire career track in civil construction with the last 8 years focused on underground utilities.


2.  Experience of most interest:

- Last 4 yrs with one of the top 5 Civil Contractors in Canada.

- Projects included:  South Fraser Perimeter Road, Kelowna Project that included installation of underground utilities, water mains.  

- Experience lends itself to utilities, water, sewer, tie ins, manholes, paving.




Industrial Account Manager, 100% New Business


This candidate might really be one in a million.  She's a unique blend of street smarts, optimism and sheer tenacity.  She's the sales professional that tirelessly pounds pavement, knocks on doors, uncovers opportunities and can't wait to do it all again tomorrow.


The Person.

Entire career track in sales.  Defines herself by what she does for a living.  Animated talker, full of energy.  Listens.  Laughs off the idea of a bad day.  Qualifies constantly.  One of those people you feel like you've known forever & could trust to hold your wallet & baby.


Last 6yrs with a GVRD based industrial supply company.

· Focus is 100% new business.  If it's not a new customer account, she doesn't get paid.

· Customers are primarily industrial accounts including manufacturers, mechanical, heavy equipment, machine, automotive shops.

· Generates her own leads.




Administrator or DOC for Long Term Care, Senior Healthcare Professional


1.  Entire career track in healthcare with the last 15yrs spent in Director of Care roles.


2.  Education:

· RN designation

· Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

· Masters Degree


3.  Career, Recent Years:

· Last 15 years in Administrator, Director of Care and Care Manager roles.

· Facilities have been between 82 - 156 beds

· Experience with long term care, complex care& advanced dementia units

· Has managed up to 140 full time staff + casuals.

· Responsible for administering budgets of $5M, $7M.

· Has led successful Accreditation applications

· Experience with union negotiations, working with Vancouver Coastal, accountability to a Board of Directors.




Junior Civil Superintendent, Manages 65ppl, Civil, Pipes, Earthworks


1.  Candidate: 13yrs Lower Mainland based civil construction experience with 3 of those spent as a Foreman.


2.  Experience of interest:


Last 3yrs as a General Foreman/Junior Superintendent


  • Responsible for 65 people, 2 Foremen

  • Projects include: underground utilities on large scale projects and subdivisions: Concrete storm mains, forced sewer mains, water mains, storm retention systems, manhole construction.  Performed chlorination and pressure testing of water lines.

  • Works directly with client representatives

  • Coordinates foreman and lead hands on multiple projects to ensure things are completed on time and budget

  • Puts together progress reports, cost reports for monthly client meetings

  • Schedule sub-trades and contractors to complete tasks as needed

  • Manage manpower and equipment needs for multiple projects.

  • Complete all office paper work including time sheets, billing, two week look ahead, RFI’s, cost analysis and scheduling.

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