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Preparing for Your Interview

You have an interview, now what?

What to do before the interview:

  • Find out more about the company you're meeting with, what they stand for, what their products are, what do they do?

  • Review your resumé and know its content completely. Your resume is your professional life on paper. It's a series of choices, it's where you chose to spend your time. Know what's on it & be prepared to talk about it and defend it.

  • Prepare a few questions to ask at the end of the interview. If you visit their website, chances are you'll have some questions.

  • Know the day, time and place of the interview as well as the names of the people to meet with.

  • Get lots of rest the night before.

What to do Day of the Interview.

  • Make sure you are appropriately dressed and well groomed.

  • Arrive 10 minutes ahead of time, find parking. Remmeber that many industrial offices overlook their parking lots!

  • Give a firm handshake and look the interviewer in the eye.

  • Watch your posture and control your nervous gestures.

  • Respect silences during the interview and take advantage of that time to stay focused.

  • Thank the interviewer before leaving and reiterate your interest in the position.

What to do after the interview

  • Call HR Shop to check in, let us know how you felt the interview went.

  • We follow up with our clients to collect feedback & assess whether theres mutual interest and potential for things to move forward.

  • If after one week you haven't heard back from anyone, follow up! This is especially important if you've interviewed for a sales role. (What type of sales person doesn't take initiative and follow up? Is this how they'll behave with potential clients?)

And if you still aren't sure of something, give our office a call! We picked you, we believe in you, and we know you're the right choice for the client we've sent you to meet with!

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